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Dock houses

Dock house is an economic attractive alternative to traditional dock leveller pit systems 

Technical data

- Standards lengths 2080, 2580, 3080 mm
- Standards widths  3000 till 3500 mm 
- Platform height 950 till 1500 mm 
- Maximum load 100 kN 
- Standards colour RAL 9005
- Drainage standard via frontside
- Maximum wind force 0,84 kN/m2 
- Maximum snow load 2 kN/m2 


Features & benefits

• Suitable for new and existing buildings
• The modular dock house is economic attractive
• The area inside the warehouse can be used more
   efficiently and economically
• The dock house is easy to move with your business
• Energy saving
• Short installation time by quick couplings with bolts


Dock houses

Fully integrated modular construction




The dock house incorporates a steel platform with the required size of dock leveller and dock bumpers to suite your operational needs. The front of the dock house can be sealed with the addition of a dock shelter and a dock leveller can be placed in the dock house. Both are available as an option.


Thermal insulation benefits


Due to thermal separation between the building and dock equipment, sealing of the building is improved resulting in significantly improved energy efficiency.


Platform construction


In situations where insulation or extreme weather conditions are an issue, Loading Systems can offer standard or customized dock house platforms in either insulated or un-insulated constructions.

Depending on the available field space, dock houses can be installed at an angle 45°,60°,90°,120°,135°.