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Hingle lip

The Loading Systems 232NG dock leveller with a hinged lip

Technical data

- Standards CE marking
- Capacity (EN 1398)  60 kN 
- Construction height 600 mm Lip 
- Length 400 mm 
- Lip angle (ca. 4°) 45 mm
- Electrical Motor 0,7 kW, 400 V / 3 phase 
- Protection class IP 54
- Working pressure ca. 100 bar
- Outside diameter maincylinder  65 mm
- Outside diameter lip cylinder 50 mm
- Operating temperatures -30° and +50° C
- Standard colour  (black) RAL 9005 

Features & benefits

  • Fully hydraulic safety stop.

  • Emergency stop switch with reset facility.

  • Robust lip keepers for transverse movements.

  • Non-removable maintenance strut.


Hingle lip

Dock leveller with hinged lip




The Loading Systems 232 dock leveller with a hinged lip. Both the platform and lip are hydraulically driven. Loading Systems dock levellers are extremely robust. Our dock levellers are made to resist 60 kilo Newton in dynamic forces. To withstand more dynamic forces, we offer a 100 kilo Newton version as an option.


The lip has a standard length of 400 mm and  a free loading surface of 225 mm can be achieved. As an option a lip length of 500 mm can be provided, and we can adjust the lip angle to suit your specific applications.


To increase the adaptability of the 232, the lip can be supplied bevelled at the end or supplied with side sections.