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Dock shelter 403M

Power Shelter 403M uses a sturdy curtain made from durable material 

Technical data

- Standards CE certified
- Width 3400 mm
- Height  3400 mm
- Front projection depth 0mm (build-in model)
  600 mm (front model)
- Width side curtains 600 mm (incl. alu profile)
- Height top curtain 1000 mm (incl. alu profile)
- Installation height 500 mm
- Curtain models 3000, 3700, 3900 gr/m² 
- Standard colour  black/white

Features & benefits

  • Attractive aesthetic finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideally suited for conditioned environments
  • Available as built-in or front projection model
  • Efficient and durable seal

Top curtains and side curtains



Optimal sealing

To ensure optimum flexibility and durability the side curtains on Loading Systems dock shelters include a monofilament in the fabric or we can reinforce the material with a laminated suspension spring.


To achieve an optimal seal it is essential that the top curtain folds over the corners of the vehicle. This requires an extremely flexible construction which is why Loading Systems uses a polyester fibre with multifilament weft or fabric which is reinforced with laminated suspension springs.


Selecting the correct width, height and depth of the dock shelter, in combination with the height of the top curtain and the width of the side curtains ensures optimal sealing between the warehouse and vehicle whilst also providing a clear opening through which to load and unload.


Since each loading and unloading situation is unique, Loading Systems can deliver any required dock shelter width or height. Furthermore, the top curtain and side curtains are also available in a variety of dimensions.