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Dynaco M2 freezer

Minimize temperature variations with a high speed roll up freezer door

Technical data

- Maximum height: H 5.500 mm
- Maximum width: W 4.000 mm
- Opening speed: up to 2,4 m/s (with standard curtain)
- Closing speed: 1,2 m/s (with standard curtain)
- Usage: Freezer
- Technology: Push-Pull

Features & benefits

  • Save energy
  • Increase refrigeration efficiency
  • Reduce frost
  • Save costs
  • Extremely safe
  • Long lifetime
  • Conform to EN13241-1
  • Structure in stainless steel optional

Limit air exchange and save energy



Reduce frost and avoid down-time

Designed for cold storage applications the DYNACO M2 FREEZER roll up door allows fast traffic in and out your freezer room, minimizing temperature variations. Its excellent seal limits the loss of cooled air and saves energy.


An optional insulation curtain mounted on the high speed freezer doorreduces condensation and frost. It forms an extra barrier between warm outside temperatures and cold inside temperatures.


Low consumption electric heating cables in the side posts of this high speed freezer door reduce frost and avoid down-time. Combined with the self-reinserting door curtain this guarantees a long lifetime of the roll up door.


A DYNACO M2 FREEZER roll up door is safe for people, products and vehicles. The flexible door curtain is free of rigid parts. It avoids injuries and damage.