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Acoustic panels

Used to improve the acoustics of a room or reduce the sound nuisance of a machine (Industrial buildings, motor vehicle manufacturing).

Technical data

Insulating core.  
High density volcanic rock fibre (165 Kg/cu. m), inorganic, rot-proof, chemically  
neutral and amorphous (no corrosive action), non hydrophilic (no capillary  
Compressive strength (or distortion stress of 10%): 0.08N/sq. mm.  
Reinforced insulation= 0.041 W/m.K  
- Z225 galvanised steel sheet, 0.6 mm thick, polyester lacquer finish 25 μ thick.  
- Colours: White RAL 9010, Sand 42 (similar to RAL 1015).  
- Other colours: on demand, see RAL colour chart.  
- Protective film: transparent heat-sealing adhesive, 80 to 120 μ thick. 

Features & benefits