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Polyester panels

Used to install cold stores and air-conditioned buildings designed to produce, pack, store and distribute foodstuffs.

Technical data

Insulating core  
- Injected polyurethane foam, average density 40 kg/cu. m.  
- Compressive strength (or distortion stress of 10%).  
- Minimal value: 0.10 MPa.  
- Reinforced insulation: λ = 0.032 W/m.K.  
- Interior and/or exterior facing made of: Laminated polyester thickness 1.5 mm with food grade gel coat.  
- Facing mechanically anchored in the polyurethane foam.  
- Standard colour: white 9010.  
- Other colours: contact us.  
- Adhesive protective film, 35 μ thick.  
- Option: Laminated polyester 2 mm thick with food grade gel coat.  

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