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By the desire to pioneer the investment strategy - sustainable development, SKYLINK strive to become the leading company of Vietnam and the region.


SKYLINK desire to create a Vietnamese brand, reflecting the intellectual stature and pride Vietnam in the international arena.






For the market                           : Providing products - superior service quality with international knowledgeable. Besides the value of outstanding quality in every product, we are ensure service shall be supply maximum needs of customers.


For shareholders and partners : Promote a spirit of cooperation and development commitment to become a " Companion 1" of partner, always increase the value of the investment attractiveness and sustainability.


For employees                           : Building a professional work environment, dynamic, creative and humanities facilitate high-income and developing equitable opportunities for all employees.


For society                                 : Harmonize corporate interests with the public interest; positive contribution to the community-oriented activities, the spirit of civic responsibility and pride in ethnic.